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Grayson, watched Thelma and Louise for the very first time a few months ago and heard your songs. When I started immersing myself in your music I began to recognize songs from when I was a kid...great songs that I had forgotten about like Bring It All Back and Talk It Over. Now these songs as well as a bunch of others like Road To Freedom and Tears of Love on my shuffle regularly. And I thank you for that. Hope you come around the Chicago area some time because I will definitely pay to see you.
Grayson, Saw you June 29th at Black Eyed Sally's we talked about Hammersmith and your Welsh father. You put on a great show we definitely will see you again my wife and I loved it.
I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and go to many concerts at the different casino venues in Biloxi, Ms. Is there any chance that you will be performing down south in the upcoming future?
Grayson - what a bit of luck running into you at Tipstone today! Glad to see we have several connections to WH. Been listening to your music since I came home. Bowled over! Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing you live in the near future.
... If I'm not the biggest fan... I don't know who is... :) Soundtrack to my life
I love the music of Grayson Hugh. I was introduced to his blind to reason CD back in the late 80s by an old boyfriend. I was also surprised to know that he grew up in Connecticut. I was born in Rhode Island but I've lived in Florida most of my life
Grayson I received your kind email, my computer froze, and I lost it in the ether. Honored to have you as a fan, hope we meet one day. My stepson, Chad Gregory, is a budding country singer. Enjoy the movie! --Steve Alten
Ever since I 1st played "Talk It Over" in 1989 on K-LITE 101 in Albany, NY, your music has truly been a part of my life..Glad to see you are STILL ROCKIN! I would love to have you on as a future guest on my WSBS Saturday morning chat which airs from Great Barrington, Massachusetts...Message me at anytime so you can catch up with us LIVE on the air....BEST ALWAYS!!
I am a longtime Radio supporter Grayson Hugh and his music is top notch!Allen Boogie Gowan interview with Grayson Hugh in 2016 got great reviews and we at Boogie Broadcasting of S.C.thank him for his support of Radio disc jockey's that play his music,and to record labels I can say get on board with this man and promote him and listen to me I have been a music reporter to Behind the Scenes,Billboard,etc. and I have reported that this man is ready to be back at the top of the charts and soon!
Ilove Graysons music and i hope he will continue to make more new songs and cd's.He is much too good to not keep his profession alive.Thank you for all you have given to the music world.May God bless you.
Had the pleasure to hear Grayson and the Moonhawks at "Black Eyed Sally's" in Hartford, CT on 9th of Dec.last year. What a fantastic music came from the stage, Grayson sang all his old and new stuff. A special compliment to this soulful harmonica player from Boston (I forgot his name), what a great job he did as a guest musician! Next day I had a Pizza with Grayson and Polly in a restaurant, where he went, when he was very young. We've talked about life and music, what a great impression it was for me. Thank you Grayson, last but not least for your music. Werner from Salzburg, Austria
best thing that ever happened --- a couple years ago a Facebook friend commented on the Back to the Soul cd with a link ... I listened to part of just one song and decided I had to have it !!!! .... the cd is just about worn out! am going to get An American Record, need more Grayson Hugh coming thru the sound system! unfortunately I live in AZ so can't get to a show but am going to tell a good friend in NH about you, hopefully she'll feel like I do! God Bless you!
Have loved you for years! Just got a computer and email and just want you to know that you are my favorite singer of all time ! I have been playing Finally Found A Friend for the last few days because I needed my fix. Take care and God Bless !
Thanks Grayson for your great Videos from "Daryl's house"! I can't help myself, but you are one of the best R&B vocalists of today and the organizer of concerts should listen to your powerful voice and unbelieveable piano playing!!! Also you have good company: Your team of musicians are full of musicality - I love them all! Hope to see you anywhere in Europe or US, I love you!!
"Talk It Over" was a masterpiece of a song. If that was the only one you ever released, you can be proud of contributing that one to the world. http://markwebermusicblog.com/grayson-hugh/
I saw Grayson today at a meeting today and couldn't wait to view this page (I was the guy in the green plaid shirt on his right/in the back...). He's an inspiration to those who have certain things in common. Thanks Grayson - truly inspirational!
Thanks Grayson for being great. I wish you health and happiness. You have given me many hours of really wonderful music!!
I wantto thank you for your music. Wish I could see you in person. If you ever make the left coast I'll be there!
Heard Talk It Over on radio. Have not heard this fabulous song for years. Can't stop youtubing the song. Thanku for such great tunes
My Father passed away a little over a year ago. I remember going on road trips as a child listening to your songs over and over. My Dad loved your music. I ran across "Bring it all back" and it literally brought back all those memories of my Father and him listening to your music. Looking at my adult life now I realize how many things I love because of him and how much he shaped who I am today. I can sing along to your songs without missing a beat. Like it is a part of who I am. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the music. Thank you for bringing it back. Kelly Rutter Cincinnati Ohio
Been a fan of your music (and that includes YOU doesn't it?) since the release of Blind to Reason. Glad to see you are still at it and I plan to grab a few of your other releases on my next music store splurge. Thank you for the great tunes. lyrics, and all over good vibes.
Been seriously lovin' me some Grayson Hugh since the 80s. The voice. The piano. The musicality. All of it - and now a new band? Can't wait to hear where this goes!
you crazy mo***** grayson, love the tunes, found you on cd baby and never looked back. reminds me of the first tim mcgraw album. xo
Grayson, Gilakas'la for allowing me into your tribe, Spirit Uncle. I look forward to good times and happy memories now and in the years to come. Your Spirit Niece, Kecia
I saw you in Greenville,sc many years ago. Your music and voice are forever in my mind. You have been a true artist all your life. Keep doing what you do.
Way To Go, Grayson. You always had what it took. Never doubted that. Keep doing what you love and was born to do ! Best, Donna
Looking forward to our Radio interview Grayson Hugh on Boogie in the Morning on WDEK and WPCC www.largetime.net The CD "Back to The Soul'is a great album and will be played on my show and many others as well.Interview on Air Friday 2/26/16 at 930am
Just listened to "Back To Soul" Magical, "Thank you Lord" is calming and humbling. Thank You
I got the CD back to the soul Love cut #4 already in love with you Keep it going can't waite to hear more goodluck
Grayson and Polly wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from WKTE 1090 AM, King NC...Grayson thanks for the interviews you did with me last year!! Randy T
Just a note saying thank you for the many years of enjoyable music, since the late 80's or so always wonderful sounds. Also Happy (upcoming) Birthday, I know how it is to be 55 turned it last month.
If I were to be stranded on a desert island and could take with me the music of just one artist.That would be an easy choice for me. Thank you Grayson..for what has become in my heart and mind, the soundtrack of my life.
Just read the Waffle House tour blog. Learning much about your musical history. Like you, we sometimes stop(ped) at Waffle House(s) when traveling through the south. Too many calories, widely ranging "diners", amusing environments. Looking forward to reading more blogs!
Dear Grayson, thank you for the download of your new album "Back to the Soul", I must say, it blew me away - solid American Soul with your own style of singning and playing the piano and organ. The end of "Everybod's hangin on" is ingenious. Sweet Southern Soul songs like "Gettin'on with my life" and the absolute sensational titel song "Back to the Soul" inspire to dance - when the horn section is follow your voice my feet can't keep still and my whole body is working! The bluesy and swinging "Motorcycle Ridin" with you on top with your voice and the piano is a worthy final. Also I will thank your beautiful wife Polly Messer for the great harmony background vocals - very well done! Your Band is playing also on top. All I can say, this is an album with not one weak song and the styles are going from Soul to Gospel, from Blues to Rock. I am proud to be (a very small part) of this album and will let you know: I am "Already in love with you", with your voice and your music - and last but not least with your piano playing! Thank you for this, Grayson. My best regards from Salzburg, Austria Werner
I have been listening to, buying and loving your music since the early 80s. Had an email from CDBaby two days ago that the digital version of Back to The Soul was available. I immediately ordered and downloaded the album and all I can say is MARVELOUS. You did it again! The composition and musicality of Back to The Soul is amazing and my ears and my soul are VERY happy. Thank you Grayson - your music is magic.
Discovered GH in the mid 80's thanks to Talk it Over being on Casey Kasem's show a "one that got away" on Gibralter TV (which we could tune into here in Spain)... a friend from Tennessee found the CD and then got Road to Freedom from Amazon a few years later.... then forgot for ... well almost a couple of decades! for some reason - and I cannot remember why - I thought about Talk it Over the other day and have just reconnected with the music thanks to Spotify... wow - what a fantastic back catalogue... Am going to be in SF for a few days in Oct - and am hoping there might be a live show that coincides... I've been good, so who knows!
What a wonderful night of music at Smokin Chris`s Barbacue. Looking forward to introducing some new folks to your soulful sound. Great to have you back in the area. Stay well. Juni
for those craving to hear grayson and polly live, purchase their "live at the lyric" DVD. the sound is great, the tunes are plentiful and this will give you the up close need to hear grayson from just a couple of years ago.
HOw can I contribute to the Indigo funding for "Back to the Soul"? Loved the Standing Room Only interview! Can't wait to hear the new songs!
I named my daughter after you. Her name is Grayson. Are u ever going to tour in the south? Would love to take her to see you.
I love your work..thanks for quality music!
Awesome !!!
Play in the Washington DC area!
Will never forget tuesday nights at the Blue Star in Hartford just you and and 88 keys.Went to every show and brought many who like myself were spellbound,as well as Toads where you floored everyone. Thanks and see you soon in the area I hope. Oh and not to leave out Polly, I remember the days of Beverly's up in Bantam and all over. Thank you both for bring me allot of glowing memories. Was just listening to Blow Monkeys some Kinda Wonderfull and recognized your voice. That's how I ended up here on you site(to see if it was you?)
Reading your story, I am very happy to see you living positively. Your music has brought joy to me.
I have owned Blind to reason since the 90's and just got around to getting Road to Freedom. It is awesome and now I want everything recorded! I don't know what took me so long, you have a life long fan in me. I just wish you would come further west so I could see you live. I am in Northern CA.
Hi Grayson, I want to make a small donation. Please let me know the process. Kind regards, Gail
You are a National AND CT Treasure!
Dear Mr. Grayson Hugh, I have been listening to your music for a long time, I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love your voice / music. I read your BIO and felt compelled to tell you that you have an amazing gift / talent and to thank you for sharing it with us. You probably have no idea how much you touch the people who listen to your music, SO....I wanted to contact you and tell you that I am proud of you and your recovery and that I want you to be around a long, long time.....Not many of us have the Gifts / Talents that you were blessed with - so share them with us for many, many more years. I also LOVE that you are now on the beach music charts, I'm a lover of beach music and can't wait to hear your new music !!! Keep onward and upward !!
Hi i loved your first album and i still play it all the time,so thanks for the music. Julie , Qld.Australia
You're loved in Australia. You bring back the memories of better times.
Happy to meet you and Polly. Listened to a few of your songs they sound great!
His music is so unique and full of exciting romance. From the chords strummed on the strings and keys, to the lyrics expelling from his sexy voice, the songs tell stories that remind you of ' searching for love' I admire the female vocalist that beautifully enhances the sensuality in Hugh’s music. I would called this more blues rock than rock blues... very unique. Buy the CD
Please don't make your fans wait as long as we did for "An American Record". You really should be recording a follow up CD for those of us who really love your music.
Thank you, Grayson.
Keep on rocking my friend!
I need to speak with Grayson, having known him since he was eight or nine. Betty and I were good friends of his mother, Jean and Ivor, and were frequent house guests in Hartford. I just read of Ivor’s death. By the way, Grayson, whatever happened to your fathers battalion of toy British soldiers? Please call me when you get a chance or send me an e-mail or both: 914-667-2749
When are you going to come to Pittsburgh? I have been waiting forever!!!
Thanks for the sweet music, Grayson.
I am a huge fan of yours from Canada. They don't carry your music here but when I travel to the states I always look for new cd's of yours. I love your voice and your lyrics. You are a great song writer. Do you ever do concerts in Vancouver? I've not seen any so far. It would be wonderful for you to come here and play at the Commodore Ballroom...the greatest place with a bouncy floor for dancing. I live on a beautiful Island called Salt Spring Island and it truly is paradise. Randy Bachman, Bill Henderson from Chilliwack, Valdy and other musicians live here. They're just everyday people and friends. I am from the Kwakiutl Tribe and very proud of my heritage. My Father is a high ranking hereditary Chief so that makes me a 'Princess' I guess. I hope one day you will honour we Left Coast Canadians with a concert. I will be there! Warm wishes to you and your wife, Christine Hunt
We need to see you come south to Houston Texas! Been loving your music since the first album! Kevin
Love your music...
You sound good on 94.9 The Surf
Somehow I don't think you will ever come to Lubbock, Tx. But, if you do you can be sure I'll be there. Have loved your work for years.
Greetings from long ago, Walkley Road, West Hartford. I just sort of ran into your site and wanted to congratulate you on your success. I exchanged cards with your mom some years ago, but never knew what became of your dad and if you have a moment, I'd love to know about your brothers as well. All best to you! Glennie
Hi, Just to say that even in France some people still listen to your music. I'm 21 and I simply love your music. Keep Rockin'
Oregon is a great place to be..would love to see a show..
I hope you make it over to the west coast someday soon.. everyone that hears my cd (which I play all the time) love it.. we're from Redding, CA. :)
Do you ever get out to Seattle? Would love to see one of your shows.
I love this music, so much emotion in it.
oct 19th at the lyric theatre in stuart florida...grayson was here in 1994 and 2003 and we can't wait for this special night which includes, this time, polly...for all you fans, come on down...don't be shy ( an expression grayson uses )... he'll be here to share his tunes with his fans...see you in the south
Come to Houston, Texas!! One of my friends who is much younger than me had a baby today, and named him Grayson- I started remembering my favorite music in high school- 1989, "Talk it over", and miss that kind of music- it's all twang here. We need SOUL! If you and your wife decide to do a country wide tour, put me on the email list so I will know. :) Take Care!
Really love your music. Look forward to more in the future. Also hoping to get tix for your 10/19 show in Stuart, FL. Will be a 3.5 hour drive to go, but will be worth it to experience your talent live, especially since no telling when you'll be in this part of the country again.
So glad to see you're back making music. I hope you’ll come to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime soon. We have a lot of nice music venues here.
When will we see you in the Sacramento area? Love your music!!
Your soulful songs make you feel love ,even when you aren't in love :) ♥
grayson luv your music dude ! if you tour near Memphis tn let me know I would love to see ya and polly too live in concert ! stay well my brother !
Hey Grayson LOve ya man, Polly ain't so bad either
I loved your music since you first appeared in 1989! What a unique and powerful voice. I'm happy to see you're back and stronger than ever and soon, very soon to hear you on all the radio and tv stations in the country!
I've been wondering what ever happened to you and man I'm glad I took the time and found your web page.Thanks for the great tunes and keep on writing and singing.Your first big hit saved my marriage because we talk it over in bed. your fan of 30 years Mark Creech
Hi my name is Marg from Australia I want to say I love your music so much and have for the years since the 80's the song Talk it over wow if I could of gone to America to you I would of been so proud and happy to but life dealt me a few blows of leaving me spending my life in wheelchair with lump to spine and loss of one leg with a chronic disease which gets worse each year but I dont give up and listening to your music is my love and if i had one dream when I was younger was to be able to have met you in person and hear you sing my Favorite song talk it over,I remember you,Tell me how you feel your music is the greatest to me as keeps me alive as music is the best and you are a great legend to music your song Talk it over is played here in australia on radio stations and now and then they have a back to the 80's and I request it and has come in as NO 1. Love Marg From Australia
Love love love your music my favorite musician of all time
Saw you at Towne Crier last night. What a show! Thanks so much for what you do. You and Polly are a treasure! Such tight vocals and beautiful harmony and blend - I can't wait to hear it all again!
Man I love your sound. Why don't you come play at the Orangepeel in Asheville, NC. We would love to see you live.
Hey! Come west to Albany area!!!! How about the Troy Music Hall or the Albany EGG!! We love you Grayson, we've been playing your music for years, come on over! Pleaseeeeeee :)
Juat wanted to let y'all know how much I love and appreciate your music. Keep on singing and making great recordings. I'm hoping one day to catch one of yalls shows. I just bought your last record, I love several songs on it. Time is like a river, long and lonely night to name a few. Take care and God Bless y'all.
Hi from Salzburg, Austria! You have one of the greatest soul-voices in business, a mixture of Bob Seeger and Steve Perry - just LOVE you!!! Hope, you will come back to Europe one day, we have good locations for you in Salzburg (Rockhouse and Bar), also in Austria. Keep the music goin'!! Best always Werner
Please come down south for a show. Myrtle beach or Atlanta would be great! My husband and I became fans back in the 80s and still love listening to your music.
I have been a big fan for years...Talk it Over is my all time favorite. I don't understand why it is impossible to buy a new copy of the "Blind to Reason" CD. I wore out the cassette many years ago and would love to have the CD. You are truly a unique, class act!
grayson and polly...this is a great song...thanks for sharin'! Have a Happle Hollandaise...xoxo **<|8-)> Bo Bo Bo...MEEEEEEERY CHRISTMAS!
I have loved your songs and singing since the first recording I bought in the early 80's. Glad you are back...rock on! Some of my favs: Can we talk it over, Blind to Reason.
You have change me live, We love love you man, some of the sound you here now need your help, I you can make to the west cost some time, if you need some led light my company has all you need , love you man www.rvlights.us Doug Shellhart 541-441-2594
nice work gray
I've loved your music for many years. Grand Rapids Michigan has some good spots to play, hint, hint. I have an old Air Force buddy, Tom Buzzell from Wallingford CT. Maybe I'll just have to visit and catch your show sometime! keep up the amazing work, and thank-you :) Ben!
Enjoy your sounds, for many years. Hope you can come out to the west coast soon!!
I don't know how many years I've been enjoying your music. It's been many and to this day it brings me much joy and pleasure!!!!!
Dear Grayson Hugh. So elated am I to have been on AMAZON yesterday and just typed in your name, to find in 2010 you had a new album/CD and new music out! I have all your first CD’s. I have had to replace them a couple of times because of the wear and tear I have put on them from listening to them over and over, never tiring of your special sound. My son even copied the ones in my car so that I would not scratch/ wear out one master set. In the 15 years that you have not been on the scene my CD players have continued on with your soulful sound. Every now and then, through the years I have looked your name up hoping for new releases but never saw anything come. I had your music on my IPOD just yesterday as I typed in your name.I truly would have paid any cost to hear your new music. I have waited so long. It proves patience pays off. I pray that you understand this is also an opportunity for me to say how much my life has been a blessed with the soundtrack of your music has been to the life I have lived and am living. Your vibe and words are a part of me. They have added depth to my personal experience of life and I just want to say thank you. If there is anything I could ever do for you I would. Thanking the higher power for your return! Your fan, Liz Turner.
Thank you Mr. Hugh for your marvelous music and your "Blind to Reason" CD. I was diagnosed with MS in 1995 and am 70 yrs old (9/8/42). My joy is to be able to listen to your music and actually dance. I stagger when I walk but when I am dancing to your music I can keep my balance and move side to side and even stand on one foot. It's a thrill to hear good music that reminds me of my good old younger years. I still teach a court mandated parenting class for the L.A.courts for parents who have had their children removed from the home. My joy these days are helping the families get the children back in the home and your wonderful music. Thank You! Ora Lee
Hi Grayson and Polly, Be prepared for some unabashed gushing: I am a big fan of Grayson and now of Grayson and Polly. My daughter and I attended your show last night (Apr 6th) at The Kate. What a show- I should have lost 10 lbs from all the foot tapping and head nodding I did through your entire set. I tried not to sing too loud when I "accompanied" you on Bring It On Back (such a soulful song-I almost felt tears welling up) and on Hank Sr's Lonesome Whistle (great choice!). Now having picked up on your current schedule (Thank you Colin McEnroe!), I won't again lose sight of you -our Nutmeg Troubador. Homage must also be paid to Polly. My daughter noted echoes of Laura Nyro in your beautiful voice. Your perfect ear for blending with Grayson just brings the performance to the next level - and, for me, I did not think there was a higher level for him to reach. How fortunate for you, Grayson ,and your audience, that you have the desire to continue to grow when you could rest on what you have so successfully accomplished already. One last note-I purchased An American Album before the show began at The Kate. I have to tell you that I was drawn-actually, propelled- across the lobby by the album cover. I had been too far away to clearly see what it was but I was so drawn to it- I could tell, even at a distance, that it was something beautiful that I just had to see. What a gorgeous photo taken during the sweet light of the day. Listening to your comments during the show it became clear how much that photo reflects who you are and what is important to you in life-the sweet light. I am just listening to the album now. It seems an album of growth and transition and I already love it. Thank you for a spectacular evening. I'll be a permanent fixture at many of your upcoming events and hope to hear you include "How 'Bout Us" in your set. Gail Geary
I have been a Grayson Hugh fan from the start. Talk It Over was the song that got my attention. It is still my favorite.
Your music is very special to my wife and I. Always creates a smooth, calm, romantic, setting making it very joyness and great nights. Thanks for the help to many a great time. Couldn't of made it without ya, need all the help I can get. Keep the great music going!!
I've been a huge fan for over 25 years Grayson...your fantastic.
All my friends are talking about a young man named Gavin Degraw, I am going to send them clips of your songs when I figure how.:) Ive been following you since the 1980's. And keep up with you in FB keep up good work. Please come to Tennessee
Please come down South and share your music with your fans down here! South Carolina is nice in the winter!
Glad to hear that you are allowing the muse to feed your soul. Glad also that the wonderful magic within you is pouring out for the world. Bless you and yours and may you find peace, happiness, health and fulfillment!
Been listening to you since the 80's... always the best, man! Just introducing my piano-man-partner to your music. So glad you're still out there making beautiful music. Karen from New Hampshire
fantasic sounds thank u to my whanau ive found u again
It was good to meet you last week Grayson, and good to see you Polly! I'm having a great time surfing' the gh website... I really like 'that's cool'...I'd love to play or record with youse two sometime...you gots the fire, son!... C4n, Bobo
Just great that I found your site. I can only pray that I can get back to New England to see you perform, or that you head to Chicago to play at "Legends" or some other great venue/club.
Give me one good reason to give it up is most inspiring! Loved it the first time I heard it! Saw a quote on my son's Facebook so I came to your site to enjoy it again...thanks for sharing! Cheers!
Hey, I remember your big hit "Can We Talk It Over" and I played it on YouTube one night then I googled to see that you were OK. And you're more than OK - you're doing really well. All the best, Shirley, Brisbane, Australia
will try to make it to Conn to a show...have followed your struggle and my prayers have been answered...stay the course my friend...you have God's precious gift...a higher power! Bob Dylan's song syas it best.....Gotta Serve Somebody!! your voice and that song lyric are pretty damn good dude! We will meet soneday!
I'm so glad I found your site. I've been listening to your music for years, and it is still so fresh and vibrant. I downloaded your latest, thanks, Rick Hill
OK- I know you'veheard it before -but you are my favorite male singer and have been since 1986 when I first heard your music. I just found and listened to your interview on a radio program (on ITunes) and was really happy to hear you are sober and found love with Polly. I have been sober now for 4 years now and can relate to that agony. I also want to say that I can hear it in your voice- it almost sounds like relief to have found a stable, life- affirming love in your relationship with Polly. I don't know jack about her- except I like her already for loving you! The public sees the beauty of you, but she appreciates the fullness of all that your beauty has to give. Namaste, Lena
I have missed hearing Grayson Hugh's velvety voice I love Can We talk It Over In Bed....Hope to see and hear more from him
Greetings from New Zealand!! Awesome soulful music, Absolute legend Grayson!! Music for the soul!
Happy Anniversary, Grayson and Polly! You are so blessed to have each other. Polly, I love Grayson's music and your angelic voice complements his music perfectly - you are definitely more than a backup singer.
I'm so lucky to be your wife AND your backup singer...I adore you...Happy 3 years to us !!
Thank you for your words and music... you bring a calmness to my soul.
Thanks for transporting me with your music Grayson. You are such a prolific songwriter. Be well and be happy, Susan
I'm a brazilian, and a big fan....Blind to Reason is top 10 in my life...Thank You !!!!
Love your music and souful voice. My daughter was sung to sleep Blind to Reason cassette. A fan for many years. Thank You!
I always like your style
Adore your music Grayson! In the pre-production process of doing rom-com in NSW 2012, "LAST RESORT", we would like to discuss having you do some music for us? We'd love to showcase your musical talent! perfect for our film!
Blind To Reason...Perhaps my favorite album ever:)
I love your voice, your music stirs something in my soul. Now that I know where you are performing I am going to try to move heaven & earth to get there to hear you. If I dont my life wont be complete. Thank you cant wait to tell my husband we are making a trip to see you!
Dadgumit Grayson, I just checked your calendar and nowhere on it do you cross the Mason-Dixon Line. You told me last year that this year, you would be touring in Dixie, specifically Alabama. Mobile is the Bama hot spot. Pristine beaches, tons of bikinis, great seafood and lots of folks waiting for a world class entertainer to swoon them with cuts from Blind To Reason. Lyle Lovett has been here toooooo many times. We need you. I read other's comments below and I will urge to you to bypass the Midwest, especially Iowa (no disrespect) and come to the Heart Of Dixie. Virgin territory for you Grayson. Thousands of fans waiting on YOU. Bring your bride too.
We were sitting in a resturaunt , on New Years Day, celebrating my daughters birthday . Low and behold on the radio I heard "Talk it Over." I proceeded to completely embarrass my two teenage kids, by singing along , ( rather loudly at that). After I coaxed the kids out from under the table ( they were horrified :), my son informed me that I was such a tool for thinking I knew anything about Rap music. He then informed me that the "Rap"song I thought I knew was by one of his favorite Rap singers. Well that just forced my hand, I had to show him a thing or two. using his smart phone I pulled up a You Tube of Graysons' video for Talk it Over . The kids were amazed. Then my daughter went on Facebook and looked up Grayson, and proudly informed me that she had " facebooked him, and sent a friend request" .Now it was my turn to be horrified! I need not have been horrified. One thing led to another and I found myself sitting in Sothington Conneticut a few weeks later listening to one of the BEST musical performances I have been to . We will be regulars now. The two of you are a joy to listen to . See you soon:)
I saw you at the Double Door in Charlotte in the early 90's when your were living at the beach. If you ever come back down this way please save me a seat. And if you developed a taste for good southern cooking when you were here I'm sure we could throw something together for you.
Great Show at The Kate! Again please?
Your sweet tones bring me back to my youth in WH. It waters my soul. Thanks, bud.
I love your music and I miss youtr style, you need to show your talent to more Americans, So please come to the midwest, esp here in the great state of Iowa. I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa and we have the Stir Concert series (outdoor) or the Mid- America Center, both are great venues, so please 'Baby Come Back!'
Hello Grayson, Recently discovered your music listening to old school radio. I'm an old fellow and when I listen to your music, it makes me feel good! This is real from the heart soul. I'm looking forward to hearing your latest CD. Thank you.
Thanks to the internet I have found one of my favorite artists, Question: Do you ever come out west to do a show? Think about it! Best wishes, Cyn Davis Diehard fan!
You are truly an amazing musician and one of the top vocalists I've ever heard. Imagine my excitement when I saw you have a new album out (I'm downloading it from iTunes right now). Thanks for sharing your passion and talent with the world!
I just re-ordered both of your CD's. My house flooded for Hurricane Ike & I lost them. I played "Blind to Reason" 3 times when I received it. I missed it SO much!! Any new music coming out?? Thanks so much for the music. I can't wait for more!!
Come visit Texas and to Austin:The Live Music Capital of the World. You should be on Austin City Limits. You are what Austin is missing! Check out: http://www.austincitylimits.org/
I just wanted to say how VERY much I enjoy your music. I have no idea why it was not more popular than it was, but I personally have played the heck out of my CD and the cassette I had before it. You have an amazing voice and I could (and sometimes do) listen to it all day long. =)
Oh my God, I have heard the tunes on movies but never connected it till now. What You sing is straight from the heart and soul.....even mine...I so love the music and the lyrics and the voice behind it all....thank you so very much..and have a wonderful married life..Bless Always, Christina
have you ever contemplated doing a cover album on motown music?i think it would be great, just saying, peace
I am thrilled about the new album. Its been way too long since I heard new stuff from you. I wish you would come to Knoxville, Tennessee. and do the BLUE PLATE SPECIAL show on WDVX radio. Check out the link, you might want to join us. You would make all us Knoxvillians very happy.happy.
Hi Grayson! This is Brent Brown. I am the bassplayer that gigged with you at the Lyric Theatre in Stuart, FL. I ran into Dana DaWindt today (Thurs 2/3/11) and he told me about your website. Just dropping in to say "hello" and hope that all is well for you. Take care Bro!!
I heard you sing "I'll Remember You" in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. I love your voice and your music. I can't believe I just discovered your music. Please count me as a new fan. Please come to Texas!
just wanted to say that i have been following your music since the 80"s, (talk it over) is what got me hooked. Thanks for doing what u do! and please keep doing it!
Hello Grayson, I am glad to see that you are alive and well and living in the land of dreams (you must be living under a lucky star it seems....). I thank you for making music that touches the hearts and souls of those who come in contact with it and I hope that you will continue to do so for years to come. Blessings to you, brother and friend.
I was introduced to your music back in the Haiku days,Your music touched my soul back then and continues to today... Your music is at the top of my gift list this year.... so glad you are living your dream...
i've just rediscovered your old tunes and what a talent! absolutely love it. looking forward to listening to your new album - Nil (Singapore)
Your music is on my fav playlist along side Bruce Springsteen, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Rolling Stones. Keep on playing and I'll see you this December at Smoking with Chris!
i was a great sam cook fan and you are the reincarnation of him.i look forward to listening to all your songs.
Just want to say Thanx to Grayson and Polly for their music...and thier friendship. The show was awsome. An 18 year dream come true. Keep tickling the ivorys my friend. See you again soon. All the best to you and Polly
Grayson, since buying Blind to Reason many years ago, "Talk It Over" is never far away, on a mix CD, my iPod, my computer, you name it. Awesome job. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff. Thanks for all the hard work.
Mr. Hugh, I am writing you because you are my namesake. My Mom and Dad met at one of your concerts during the "Blind to Reason" tour you did. They didn't know each other at all and went with their own group of friends in Charlotte, NC to the "Palomino Club", a country/western bar, basically. They dated for about a year afterward, got married and I was their first child. They name me Grayson after you, because your concert is what put everything in motion. My Dad sings the blues constantly (in his spare time dropping in with local bands and such) and is always telling people this story and how you and Stevie Ray inspired him. From time to time, we'll be watching a movie and he'll pipe up that "that song has to be a Grayson Hugh, a sure enough in the credits it is. Your music and lyrics always have a distinct flavor and signature sound. I just wanted to reach out to tell you how much you are appreciated. My Dad 'Butch' LeCompte, my Mom Debbie LeCompte and Myself Grayson LeCompte are fans of yours.
So love your album Blind to Reason and now I know where to find others
Talk it over is one of my favourite songs,I first saw it on MTV in 1989, brilliant video and arrangement, hope Road to Freedom is available in Australia , I WILL GET IT Kind Regards Stephen from Sydney
Love all your songs.Standing out the most is SoulCat Girl always a number 1 to me.
Grayson! That wild boat ride across Casco Bay, ME., on The Longfellow Fall (89) Blind To Reason WMUR 13 Your still.............the greatest in a looooonnnnnggggg time! JSC Berkley still adores you Guru!
Wow !!! Grayson is back !!! My wife and I owned a record store in Cape May NJ for 15 years and sold many copyies of Road To Freedom. In fact that album is like a soundtrack to our lives together. Its one of my 3 must have albums!! I am so glad your back. We are hopeing to catch one of your shows in Southington this fall. OMG!! 18 years I've been waiting.....Randomly checking......So glad your back!!!!!
I've loved "Talk it over" for twenty plus years, ever since I saw the video when it first came out. Takes me back to a great time. Looking forward to hearing the new album. Best wishes from an Aussie fan.
Grayson, your music transcends every boundary that has been arbitrarily established to pigeonhole artists. I love your voice, and wish I could see one of your shows, but the phillistines in the central part of Florida wouldn't turn out for something that good. On a purely selfish note, it breaks my heart tthat I'm a baritone, and cannot sing anything of yours in the key it was written in...
Hey Grayson, everytime time I hear your song "Talk It Over" I can't help but think of my first girlfriend Theresa. Thanks for the memory!!!!
I proposed to my wife 27 years ago while singing the song "How 'bout us". The CD BLIND TO REASON remains our favorite recording of all time. My wife's all time favorite song is "I'll remember you". Thanks for the wonderful music and memories! Robb and Sherry
i love all your famous little songs.....
grayson...my friend...i hope you will thrill your fans by adding many of the tunes we included on waccamaw rising (the uncirculated release) in your music section. your lyrics are moving and insirational..let it fly...the genuine desire for your body of work is sincere...rock on...
The man I loved introduced me to Blind to Reason. I lost both him and the CD but recently had a friend give me a copy. Can't wait to hear more, as I love you on piano.
hi grayson im hanging with liam 2nite and gotta tell ya ur voice n songs r outstanding
Give me One Good Reason...to give it up, because it just keeps getting better! Evangeline is a fun song to drive to, as long as you watch the speed limit. Yee ha!
favourite album is 'Blind to reason '....absolute fav song is 'Empty as the wind'.......... would love for you to perform in st.petersburg,Florida
The music speaks for itself -I never get tired of those songs You know that you must have talent if you played the Apollo Theatre and survived (My Grandfather played there too) . Thank you for personally responding to me. I saw your photos too including those from Oxford and Roxbury CT. (our neck of the woods) If you are passing through Bridgewater stop by for a beer or two or more.
Grayson, I'm a retired SC State Trooper. My late brother Jody is the one who introduced me to your music back in 1989, he was only 37 when he died. He had a stack of music when he died in 2008 and your " Blind to Reason" was on the top of the stack. I wish you and Jody could have talked. He was a very soulful person. I use to play your music as I patrolled the highways of SC. My wife and I have 3 children and we almost named the middle child "Grayson", sorry but family politics took precedence. We are all glad to see ya back. If your ever down in SC give me a call, stop in for coffee or iced tea. I'm sure you are familiar with Southern Hospitality. Good Luck and I hope to see you back on top, in the charts and on Good Morning America again.
Blind to Reason....my favorite album! Book more dates/clubs in CT area!! Can't wait to hear the new stuff! Best wishes to you.
Thank you for the great album! I keep getting the chorus from "Evangeline" stuck in my head, and find myself singing it while walking to my car. It has only been a few weeks, but the songs already feel like old favorites.
I have loved you since your original release of Blind to Reason. I have it on cassett and have even had to tape it back together. Are you considering rereleasing your first albums.
Love the website, being able to listen to the songs and read the story behind them.
Grayson I was excited when Sue told me she had found you . I have put you on my face book and you should be getting many more people hitting your site, Thanks again for getting back to us. I have fought off Cancer and lost a ton of weight but Im alive and well now. Ric Your Taxi man !!
Hi Grayson, I just heard a copy of An American Record. Loved Cold Blue White. It was great to see a bunch of Hartford boys on the tracks. I've played with most of them at one time or another and it is great to hear you are back at it. By the way did you ever record Thumpin in My Heart? I loved that tune way back in the day hearing it live at the 880 in Hartford. I always thought I would hear it on the airwaves.
I am so glad to find you are still around and making music. You are awesome
I've always believed that Grayson was a stand=out talent...
I love your musc. I listen to your debut album all the time. My sister and I always talk about it and thememories it brings back. I odn't know if you watch American Idol, but one of the finalists, Lee sounds so much like you. I wish he would record your music. Just wanted to say thanks for the great memories. I am looking forward to your new music. i am in NE and wish I could see you perform live with your wife. Take care and keep the music alive. Terri Meeves
Just recently heard Blind to Reason and absolutely love it. Now because of this site, I know what other albums you have done and can't wait to get all of them too. Love love your sound and lyrics... the very best wishes on the new release. Can't wait to get it. Thank you for "You"
Grayson........Welcome back. Blind to Reason, played constantly since it came out. Your voice is such a wonder. Enjoy your comeback.
I've always enjoyed your songs and music. On our honeymoon while in the mountains of NC, "Let's talk It Over" started playing on the radio, my husband stopped the car in the middle of the road and we actually danced to your song. A beautiful memory.
An American Record is truly a masterpiece! It gets better each time I listen to it- So proud to have had a very small part in your very large dream. Right on Grayson and Polly!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm in the us,south carolina and love your music i just can not find it here to buy i looked for the blind to reason and want it help me find it please love em all
From Atlanta, Ga. The Sultan of Sax says hi
I had never heard of Grayson Hugh. I was at a funeral for a family friend. She had died very suddenly at age 81. Playing bridge on Monday, and passed away on Wed. The service was somber, everyone still in shock, everyone searching for something to hold onto that represented Joan. In what appeared to be an unplanned moment, a family member and the minister walked up the aisle and spoke to this guy at the end of the pew, and we saw heads nod. Some kind of agreement. After words of remembrance, and not appearing on the program, this person walked to the front of the church, sat down and played "In the Mood." Those few moments brought everyone to life,captured in 4.3 minutes the essence of the person we were there to say good-bye to and ever since I am fascinated by the music of Grayson Hugh. Go listen.
Hope to hear your new music soon!
Grayson!!! You are the stuff!! You know I hate to say it, but I had never heard of you, and then I was watching "Thelma and Louise" and heard your song, and I was like, WHO IT THAT!?.... I love your voice, it reminds me of Motown, you have such a soulfulness and I happen to read your bio and it all came together. I look forward to purchasing your music and your new CD that will be released this year. Thank you for being you, and I look forward to listening to all of your beautiful music!
Grayson, I love your music it gives me such pleasure to listen to you sing. Hopefully you will be near Jackson Mississippi so I can come and listen to you.
I´m a brazilian fan. You voice called my attention. I´v been listening to what I can from you. You are great. Keep on singing. And singing great songs.
Swamp Yankee....Hey!.I am one!! ..Zoe on the T train..( my favorite)..Long and Lonely Night ...Are my "friends" on the way to work. From Walkley Rd..doing impersonations of Russell..playing the kalimba... " Stinky Pinkies".. Everyone falling down on the floor after dinner and talking..to Smokin' with Chris.....You complimented an intro I did when we played once many years ago. Made my day for sure!! I think your best music is yet to come.
I became famaliar with your work in the late eighties with talk it over and I loved it from the beginning. I lost touch after due to the birth of my daughter but never forgot. I am now back in the groove and still loving all of you work. I used to live in Hartford for a while as a young girl, wish sometimes I could come back I miss the white snow and slush(lol). I here in Georgia now and has been for a long time and guess I will always stay here, I will be searching for your work now. Be well.
Abigail Jones, I'm with you. This guy had an open pipeline to the soul. A beautiful gift that thrilled the many of us who had contact with him in his earliest years in West Hartford. I've been listening to "I'll remember you." For those who don't know it go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euIAWlvpXqg Well, we remember you, Grayson. How could we not? Wow.
Please come to Nashville, TN!! I've been a huge fan for many years and have never had the opportunity to see you live.
I <3 Grayson Hugh
Grayson, I was one of your first original fans. I think I was 15 when I met you, and you totally rocked my world. I will never forget not only how talented you were then , but how outrageous, like the time you played Hootchie Kootchie Man for my father. I am so happy to catch up with you and your newer music. You rock! I love your new web-site , the graphics are great. You have always been a gifted musician and performer, it's so great that you are still keeping it rolling!! Come to the Island of Kauai some time.
Found Inviisible Daylight Brothers on Rhapsody. Wonderful, I love Blind to reason, have been listening to it for years. Glad to hear your voice again.
Been hearing your name all around Wareham.so I had to contact you. Are you and Paulie now operating under aliases? Are you in the employ of the CIA? Liam is whispering things in my ear. Hope all is well, my friend
How come Bring it all back is not on your facebook page? I wish it was on Itunes too.
It is just amazing to me that so many years passed without me knowing what happened to you. I just recently discovered your body of work pre blind to reason and post road to freedom. While I love those two albums, your other work clearly outshines them. I am looking forward to seeing you at one of your shows soon and I am eagerly anticipating your new album. Meanwhile, on my MP3 player I will just repeat City Dawn (an absolute masterpiece, perhaps your best), No Such Thing As Those Walls, River Of Love, Some Mighty Tears and On the Water. Please email me when the new album is available!
Pretty sure I knew you when we were growing up in West Hartford. I lived on Tumblebrook Lane off of Simsbury Road. Did you live at one time off of Sunny Reach Rd?
Dug out my Road to Freedom cd the other day and remembered why I love your music. Glad to see we'll get another taste in the spring. Looking forward to it!
Dug out my Road to Freedom cd the other day and remembered why I love your music. Was curious about more music and am pleased to see something will be coming soon. Glad of it and can't wait!
Wow! I am so happy to see that Grayson is still writing songs. Been playing Blind To Reason ever since I bought it years ago. My favorite song is "Empty As The Wind" - gives me a chill every time.
Can't wait for you to start touring and hopefully come somewhere near Oklahoma.
Absolutely love the Blind To Reason CD, a friend gave to me. One of my all time favorites and have played it over and over and over, never get tired of hearing it.
Hey GREAT to see some updates on the site here!!! :D Am looking forward to the new album like you would not believe!!! Hoping one day I'll get to see Mr Hugh perform!!! My favourite from the old days is "Road to Freedom" as far as albums go!! Keep up the good work!!!
Thanks for jazzing up my dance classes at Trinity. I hope to hear you perform live again. When I saw your brother on Facebook through my daughter's page, I remebered you, and how much I Love your music. It is so soulful, poetic, and rockin'. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Polly. Belated Congrats to you both for tieing the knot.
Hey Karen Davis, email me bandit53059@yahoo.com and i will send you the song =)
I simply cannot believe how much I loved the entire Blind to Reason CD....I play it all the time, and people today always ask, "who is that?" When I tell them, they go "who?". I'm a huge fan of your stuff, a great soulful beautiful voice. I just found on iTunes a bunch of new unreleased stuff, and have been adding it to my library. I love it all...Looking forward to the new stuff...Thanks for everything =)
i am one of the origanal grayson fans, and have wondered for years how someone so good could just vanish. i've only recentley become computer literate, and decided to do some searching. what a great surprise! waiting very impatiently on the release! welcome back grayson, and all the best! bb
I can't wait to hear your new Album. I love all your music. I think you are the best musical talent ever to come out of this beautiful State of Connecticut. I wish you continued success. Richie
I need to download Talk It Over